About Me

Aalap Shah, MD

About Me

Aalap Shah, MD, is a board certified anesthesiologist, specializing in general adult and pediatric anesthesiology. He attended medical school at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, thereafter completing a general anesthesiology residency at the University of Washington and fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Dr. Shah lives in Southern California and provides clinical anesthesia and pain relief services for several outpatient surgical centers in the Los Angeles Area, as well as independent consulting services in healthcare quality improvement and research.

Dr. Shah is passionate about introducing process improvement strategies in the perioperative healthcare arena, in the pursuit of simultaneously improving both the healthcare provider experience and patient outcomes. He has obtained Six Sigma and LEAN certification and completed fellowships outside of his medical training. He has authored publications in peer-reviewed journals on topics ranging from nerve injury to compliance measures with evidence-based practices, as well op-ed pieces for physician media outlets including KevinMD. He is a recipient of the ACGME David Leach award for his leadership with a multidisciplinary team in improving communication between physicians and nurses after surgery. Aalap is actively involved with global medical volunteerism initiatives, widening his cultural context of care and sharing his experiences with perioperative teams abroad. Dr. Shah is also the Founder and Principal of PRPmobile, a concierge medical aesthetics company in Beverly Hills.

From a young age, photography and music have been the forefront of interest for Aalap. He harmonizes all aspects of his life to holistically compliment his clinical practice. These creative outlets provide self-mindfulness, sensitivity and cultural awareness to patients' plan of care as well as personal growth.

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